Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors - Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are everything to us. Some have been with us since our beginning. Others have joined us along the way. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have made it this far and we wouldn’t be as well-known as we are. To all of you, thank you for staying by our side and believing in our goals.

Pacific Gym

Pacific Gym is one of the best gyms in the country. They have areas for all kinds of training such as pilates, weights, cardio, Muay Thai, swimming, and much more. Without your support, it would have taken us longer to get this far.

Special Lounges

Special Lounges is one of the most serious companies in the country. They have a facility with more than 10 rooms of different styles for events. Parties, conferences, and corporate meetings, whatever your special occasion is, Special Lounges is the best place. Their support has been consistent since day one.

Women Magazine

Women Magazine is one of the most important magazines for all women in our country and the world. Every month they have unique publications dedicated to all the women who are setting the standard worldwide. Whether in sports, entertainment, technology, or education, women are the most important.

Their support has been a fundamental and very important support for our online magazine.

Guillermo’s Restaurant

Guillermo’s Restaurant saw this magazine grow. During our beginnings, we would meet in this restaurant to discuss new ideas and carry them out. The support of Guillermo’s Restaurant has been everything to us.

When he found out why we met every week at his restaurant, he did not hesitate to support us. He always offered us a light dinner when we finished late at night so that we would not go to sleep without eating.

Guillermo’s Restaurant has the best salads, pizzas, and burgers in town. The quality of his staff is unique and they will make you want to come back every week.