IOC World Conference on Women and Sports – Full Overview

There are important conferences held at discuss the importance of women’s participation in sports. IOC is one of them.

The IOC World Conference on Women and Sports has been held every four years since 1996.


  • Raise awareness of the importance of women in sport.
  • Progress on gender equality within sport.
  • Create actions that promote women’s participation in sport.


IOC World Conference on Women and Sports Full Overview 1 - IOC World Conference on Women and Sports - Full Overview

Laussane, Switzerland, 1996

Its first edition determined the beginning of the change. Action plans were established to increase women’s participation in sport. At the time, it was only 10%. Gender equality in the Olympic Movement within all its policies, procedures, and programs. Also, the recognition of women’s need to take an active role.

Paris, France, 2000

The theme was New Perspectives for the 21st Century. An analysis was made of the objectives set during the last four years. The Olympic Movement was asked for 20% of women’s participation in decision-making.

Marrakech, Morocco, 2004

During the third edition of New Strategies, New Commitments, the slow process and the need for reinforcement was established in order to promote this need. The entire sports movement was encouraged to work on gender inequality.

Dead Sea, Jordan, 2008

Sport as a Vehicle for Social Change was the theme of the fourth edition. The importance of sport as a tool to address social problems was discussed. An action plan was approved to carry out strategy research and monitor progress.

Los Angeles, United States, 2012

The fifth edition opened with the theme Together Stronger – The Future of Sport. An action plan for men and women to work together to break down the barriers of inequality was evaluated. It established more participation of women in leadership decisions and increased the involvement of organizations to promote gender equality.

Conferences like these have shown the power that women are having in all areas of life. Starting with business as important as sports is indispensable. Today we can see how we are increasingly coming together to achieve gender equality. It is all about standing together and continuing to fight for our rights.