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Our founder Amy Hammond has been passionate about sport and good health all her life. When younger, she swam and played tennis, and after graduating from high school, she specialized in nutrition. She has been aware that women’s participation in the world of sports has always been low compared to men.

Year after year, this idea always stayed in her mind. Especially because she saw this close up when she was most active in swimming and tennis. Amy wanted to change the low participation by women and give women a voice. After all the movements for gender equality that have arisen around the world over the last few years, Amy took the initiative.

She decided to create an online magazine to empower women around the world and make them feel that they are not alone. This is how the Asia Pacific World Sport & Women Conference became a reality. A window to women made by women. To make them share their performance and great importance within the business of sport.

Here you will find the best articles for you and inspiring stories of women athletes who have changed the rules of the game by leading the way.

Amy Hammond knows that we women must support each other today more than ever. Raising our voice and getting noticed is working. As a woman, you’re not alone. Many of us work every day to address injustice.  And in this way, give ourselves an important space in the sport just like men.