2012 APWSW Conference Case Study – How to Plan A Big Conference

The purpose of the Asia Pacific World Sport & Women Conferenceis a global platform to examine sport, explore how and why women consume sport.

The conference has been a success due to the high level of international participation and representation.


Some of the most important topics were the participation of women in other industries and how their value has increased.

  • Marketing as a sales tool that goes beyond stereotyping bodies.
  • The media and the position they are taking.
  • How men are cleverly involved in the business.

An event that undoubtedly achieved the objectives and changed the perspective of women in areas such as leadership, participation, recognition, and contribution to society.

Tips To Plan a Big Event

Thanks to the magnitude of the success of this conference, here are some tips for planning a massive event of this kind.

Identify the Issues

It’s important to identify the issues to be addressed. Issues that women face daily or in the workplace. These topics will be the ones that the speaker will address.

Set a Goal

In this way, knowledge can be imparted so that attendees can use and implement skills or tactics immediately.

Plan with the Panellist

Many times the panellists deviate and touch on topics that were not planned. It’s good to organize early so that they don’t touch on topics that have not even been considered.

Visual Media

Use visuals. This gives the conference more movement and makes it less boring. People are entertained with brochures, images, and videos on large screens. They’re also very helpful in re-releasing information.

Time for Questions

Attendees will have many questions to ask the panellists. Be sure to allow enough time for everyone to participate and feel a part of it.

These events are very important because they touch on social issues that seek justice and balance. They have massive participation of people interested in learning more and making a change. A good planning strategy is extremely important. This way, everyone can participate and the objectives will be achieved.

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